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There is something special about that precious moment when you first pick up a guitar…

You’re filled with high hopes!

You’re excited when watching other musicians play smooth solos effortlessly . And let’s not forget that proud moment you master that first flowing melody.

But then, as that first excitement fades away, it’s common for your learning to slow down. I know it’s difficult to stay passionate about your learning journey when you’re struggling to piece everything together and move on to the next level.

Right now, you’re unsure of the next step…
But it’s right here!

Galactic Modern Guitar (GMG) was built on over a decade of experience teaching guitar. It is based on my progressive skill stacking model and is the roadmap to fretboard freedom you’ve been looking for.

With GMG, you’re about to embark on a journey that will forever change the direction of your guitar knowledge and skills…
From just the first module, you will achieve outstanding results both as a guitarist and in your musical knowledge and growth.

For aspiring guitarists, there used to be only two ways to learn…

Option one
was spending tens of thousands of dollars attending a fancy music college (as I did) and spending a fortune.

But this path isn’t a journey everyone can afford to take. And to be honest, it’s not required to succeed

Option two
was to look up for random bits and pieces, trying to connect everything – which leads to nothing but more confusion..

That option represented a learning journey that relied on your ability to find key skills and information online.

On top of that, you’ve got to piece it together yourself.

But, the time and effort it takes to master guitar using this second option is enormous and so inefficient.

And the result of these two limiting options?

Aspiring guitarists filled with potential lose the spark that drove them to pick up an instrument in the first place….

Galactic Modern Guitar

is designed to be different

  • A unique skill-stacking approach that builds your skills step-by-step.
  • A three-part journey that builds the foundation, helps you to scale up, and takes you to a world of musical possibilities.
  • A defined pathway to guitar mastery that makes learning fun, fast, and easy.
  • An innovative and proven approach that has already revolutionized learning for guitarists worldwide.

Mastering The Fundamentals = Freedom!

Now You Can Master The Foundations of Harmony & Melody with the complete program I wish I had when I was trying to figure it all out

Connect concepts,
unlock the fretboard, and Bring structure to your practice with a unique step by step plan

Discover your true potential and overcome the frustrations that have held you back

Effortlessly bring your musical
ideas to life

Ready for a complete program like anything you’ve experienced before?

Check this out! Here’s what you get

Galactic Modern Guitar I

The harmonic/melodic clarity you’ve been searching for-

We begin where many guitarists stumble.
Not only will we cover foundational aspects,
but we’ll also connect the dots

You’ll experience such a boost in your confidence and creativity
and find your flow – so you can solo over anything!

  • Triads: Reach your harmonic & melodic control
  • Arpeggios: Learn essential exercises for musical mastery
  • Voice Leading: Craft seamless lines across genres
  • Connect the dots: Put your newfound skills into action
  • Boost Your Creativity: Combine, expand, transform, and thrill!
  • 43 videos with clear explanations, PDFs, notations, and tabs

Galactic Modern Guitar II

The Core Elements of Fretboard Mastery

Here, you’ll learn to connect musical elements step by step,
turning core elements into real time music making.
You’ll pick up pro skills, creatively crafting ideas effortlessly through key changes, and experience that ‘aha’ moment, understanding every aspect from any fretboard angle.

  • Scales: Achieve melodic freedom via scale-triad mastery
  • Diatonic Awareness: Master harmony across the fretboard
  • Bebop: Achieve fluid lines with enclosures and techniques
  • Triadic Innovation: Learn etudes for modern, legato lines
  • Key Mastery: Glide through changes with ease!
  • Harmony & Melody Unite: Unlock the limitless musical potential within
  • 40 videos with clear explanations, PDFs, notations, and tabs

Galactic Modern Guitar III

Jazz Essentials for Advanced Soloing/Comping

No matter what style you play, Jazz Essentials offers special and advanced musical concepts you won’t find elsewhere. Learning them will deepen your appreciation for how chords and melodies work together, making you a more expressive musician.

  • Jazz Voicings: Master the essentials
  • 7th Chord Arpeggios: Build a strong foundation
  • Jazz Voice Leading: Perfect your transitions
  • 7th Chord Arpeggios: Build a strong foundation.
  • Jazz Chord Progressions: basic to advanced
  • Jazz Theory: Grasp its powerful applications on the guitar
  • Spicy Alterations: Add spicy musical touches
  • Creative Line Creation: Create fresh lines that standout!
  • 37 videos with clear explanations, PDFs, notations, and tabs

Step into your Fretboard Freedom Today
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Free Bonuses

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This is where you will discover the melodic minor scale. You’ll feel the power as you take your solos to new heights.

  • See, hear, and experience with transcription of real-time solos.
  • Explore your style with mix-and-match elements that create STRONG Lines!
  • Keep learning with 37 videos, PDFs, notations, and tabs that spark creativity.

If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to play solos that give you goosebumps, this bonus package is your key to finding that out.


75$ Value

This will blow your creative mind with unlimited possibilities and fresh sounds.

  • Learn in real-time with live and easy-to-follow videos.
  • Build a unique musical vocabulary that will make your solos feel fresh and exciting!
  • Explore limitless possibilities with 51 videos, PDFs, notations, and tabs!

Open your mind and define your sound with this exclusive bonus package that will level up your musicality.


47$ Value

Add depth and texture to your sound with these advanced lines that go beyond the expected and to the extraordinary.

  • Add brilliance to your solos with unique modern sequences.
  • Boost your game and reshape your sound.
  • Discover unlimited creativity with 30 videos, PDFs, notations, and tabs

Learn to play with modern phrasing without having to spend a decade trying to figure it all out. This bonus package is the last link that makes you and your guitar into ONE.


32$ Value

Bring Clarity To Your Learning
And Creativity To Your Music

My unique lessons with step-by-step skill building stand out from traditional learning!

They provide a unique method of learning the guitar that you won’t find anywhere else — they’re your key to unlocking the great musical potential within yourself!

Even more advanced musicians can benefit from completing the entire Galactic Modern Guitar course. (Just check out the reviews!)

I’ve witnessed people attempting to connect the dots on their guitars for up to 20 years, still falling short of the desired results.

However, once they started GMG, they mastered everything they were aiming for in just 35 weeks!

That’s why I’m offering the Galactic Modern Guitar ultimate bundle!

Make sure your skills match your passion!

Not knowing how to link your skills properly will slow down your learning, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.

Fortunately, there is a better, simpler, faster way!

  • My one-of-a-kind skill-stacking model is proven to speed up learning.
  • Cut out guesswork and focus on key actions that deliver real results.
  • Make the connections you’ve been missing for that “ah-ha!” moment with a defined learning pathway.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere with a comprehensive library of resources for practicing at your own pace.
  • Master all the fundamentals you won’t learn anywhere else, and that make you a guitar genius!

And remember:
my 14-day money-back guarantee means you risk nothing when you enroll today.

Take the first step to the next level of fretboard mastery today!

What Our Members Say

“Much more than basics…Every guitarist should have these tools. I feel much more comfortable..”


“It is structured in such a way that we can apply it within our playing in any possible way..Go for it!..”


“The courses provided me with the structured material that I’ve been using in my daily playing and practice routines. It’s been super fun, straight to the point and very beneficial ”


“It helped me a lot with getting familiar with the (guitar) neck and also with beautiful sounds and textures…its a great great value for money.”


@petecoates6410 ★★★★★

I have made more progress in a few months than I had for several years!

@Oscar Ortega ★★★★★

The galactic course is by far the best investment I’ve made. Working through the modules, lessons, and really understanding whats presented have made me a much better player!

@ZappaGtr ★★★★★

This course is the best one I have ever taken! Daniel is really knowledgeable and passionate, which makes the material interesting and easy to understand. It covers a lot of topics and is a great value for the price. I learned a lot of practical skills that I use every day and I’m sure you will too. Don’t hesitate to take this course. It is a game-changer!

@LiveToPlayGuitar ★★★★★

To me Daniel is a straight up genius, at teaching us how to understand music!

@Steve McKing ★★★★★

Galactic Modern Guitar Is Excellent. Very organized. The best method I have seen yet. I’ve spent a ton of money on others through the years and this program will get you up and running.

@Heirpusher ★★★★★

Get the galactic course! the most digestible and applicable instruction I have ever come across.

@Enharmoniker ★★★★★

Terrific methodology, Daniel! I dig the small, incremental step-by-step concepts 🙂

@SolarVergmoid ★★★★★

This is an extremely significant offer – consider the cost to graduate from Berklee…

@Slayerx1213 ★★★★★

Great stuff as always Daniel! You are one of the best teachers I have come across lately and I’m glad I got your courses

@Mr.Jazzman ★★★★★

Your Galactic Modern Guitar Course is the most comprehensive guitar material I’ve ever seen.

@Craig Bourke ★★★★★

Just begun my Galactic Journey and I am already progressing in leaps & bounds.
Understanding the relationship between the triads and the chord structure opens up an entire world of possibilities in terms of chord

@Vincenzo Gulli ★★★★★

Hi Daniel, i totaly love your videos! I am currently working with your melodic minor course and I enjoy it so much. I think it’s the best course i ever did! Thank you so much for your awesome work

@femmedy ★★★★★

You are the best guitar tutor I have come across in recent time. Great job bro

@Scott ★★★★★

You really deserve, You Chanel is amazing, and Your courses are the same of excellent. I Buy !!!

@Root Black ★★★★★

Hands down the BEST. got your course… finished part 1, amazing stuff… I support you all the way. Keep doing what you’re doing because besides being a great musician you are the ONLY teacher I have found who knows how to explain without confusing. And The Galactic Guitar course… It’s amazing! – and this coming from a professional classical musician! –
I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart

@Cranky Alexander ★★★★★

Galactic Modern Guitar is no joke. It is for players with experience and understanding of theory but want to put it together and advance in their playing via a systematic study of harmony, melody and technique. – Daniel is a great teacher but an even better player!

@JazzGuitar_Chris ★★★★★

Hi Daniel. My name Chris DaCosta and I just enrolled in your Galactic Modern Guitar course! Looking forward to it!

@Adi ★★★★★

After playing rock guitar/pentatonic based stuff for nearly 40 years I signed up for Daniels Galactic course a couple of months ago, really embedding my use of triads all over the neck. I have to say it really opened up my playing!

@Aldo Fonseca ★★★★★

I bought galactic modern series and I recommend! Triads and chromaticism,and fundamentals, always combined with harmony and scales is the path to become more musical,few pay attention to this. This kind exercise shows the application and I like!

@Joseph Fuentes ★★★★★

My brother, Love your teaching style! Simple to understand and to the point! I love it!

@Pat Methingy ★★★★★

Really enjoying the Galactic Modern Guitar course. I am in module one andI it already improved my phrasing and how I link lines together. Well worth doing thanks man.

One-Time Payment (For Lifetime use)

Galactic Modern Guitar

The Ultimate Bundle



  • 6 Comprehensive courses, including 3 bonus gifts worth 139$!
  • 35 online training modules
  • 200+ Video Lessons (with on screen tabs/notation)
  • 120+ PDFs (Tabs/Notation)
  • Lifetime use
  • Online support
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join me on a journey fueled by creativity, powered by our shared love of guitar.

Due to popular demand, this special offer is coming to an end soon!

Hi, I’m Daniel Weiss and I was lucky.

You might recognize me from my YouTube videos, here’s the truth: I want to be remembered as a guy who loves his guitar and shares his passion for music.

I learned music from some of the best tutors in the world at the Berklee College of Music. And honestly, college was great, but it’s not the only way to learn.

Whether you want to improve your guitar skills or become a successful musician, one thing is true: There is no secret, magical solution, or shortcut.

Until now, there was no clearly defined learning path for aspiring guitarists, even those who studied from amazing experts as I did.

However, musicians agree that if you want to succeed, you must master the fundamentals while gradually finding your voice.

That’s why

I developed the progressive skill-stacking model that’s the foundation of all my teaching.

I spent over four years defining a clear structure to create this comprehensive,
step-by-step learning pathway I wish I’d had when I was in your shoes.

I put decades of guitar exploration and teaching experience into creating a program…

A program that is filled with the structured guidance, materials, and lessons aspiring guitarists like you need to kickstart their progress and reach the next level of fretboard mastery.

I don’t want you to struggle for years upon years only to find your groove later in life.

I aim to equip you with the musical mastery and guitar prowess you deserve as an aspiring musician NOW and not years from today!


If you find that the course doesn’t meet your expectations, don’t hesitate to contact my team at [email protected] within 14 days, and I’ll promptly refund your entire purchase.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away for another moment.
Take the next step and unlock a whole new world of musical possibilities.

“The best thing I did to improve my guitar playing was join GMG.”

Steve from New Jersey, USA – GMG Member

Join Now and Save 50% + FREE BONUSES

One-Time Payment (For Lifetime use)

Galactic Modern Guitar

The Ultimate Bundle



(or 3 payments of 56$)

  • 6 Comprehensive courses, including 3 bonus gifts worth 139$!
  • 35 online training modules
  • 200+ Video Lessons (with on screen tabs/notation)
  • 120+ PDFs (Tabs/Notation)
  • Lifetime use
  • Online support
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join me on a journey fueled by creativity, powered by our shared love of guitar.

Due to popular demand, this special offer is coming to an end soon!

Consider This Your Alternative Guitar Performance Degree

Only better. And faster. And without all that student loan debt…


You get lifetime access to all modules and course materials. That includes:

  • 6 Comprehensive coursess
  • 200+ Video Lessons (with on screen tabs/notation)
  • 120+ PDFs (Tabs/Notation)
  • 35 online training modules
  • Online support

Once you enroll, you’ll be able to enjoy all the videos and bonuses forever (One time payment)

Definitely! You can easily access the content on your phone by simply visiting the site through your mobile browser.

The course will teach you the fretboard foundations of harmony and melody that you can apply to any style. As for me, I’ve used it for Jazz, Neo-soul, Rock, Pop, Hiphop, Prog, Fusion, Metal, etc.

I would recommend that participants commit to practicing at least 90 minutes per week, preferably over several days.
Obviously, the more time you devote to practicing, the faster you can expect to improve. Therefore, time investment is entirely yours.

Throughout the course I play several electric guitars I love. If you have an electric guitar, use it. Whether or not you own an electric guitar is not a problem. Acoustic guitar can be used for many exercises in the course.

Daniel Weiss

International Guitarist – Composer – Recording Artist – Educator

‘Guitar Idol 2016’ finalist and a Berklee College of Music graduate. His exceptional abilities and unique style led Weiss to be a highly sought-after musician with a rich international career as a guitarist, composer and arranger. Weiss was featured in Lick Library, Premier Guitar, Guitar Idol, Normans Rare Guitars, and Bass the World to name a few.

“I have made more progress in a few months than I had for several years!”

Pete Coates – GMG Member