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Hi, Daniel here

In my 2 decades of teaching, I’ve seen dedicated guitar players struggle. They put in the time to practice scales, technique and theories, yet the magic of improvisation feels out of reach.

If you’ve felt stuck or unsure about blending theory into your solos, I get it—I’ve been there too.

Welcome to Improvisers Academy

where we’re not just about learning; we’re a dynamic community that grows together.

Imagine this: You’re part of a lively community led by me, Daniel Weiss, at Improviser’s Academy. It’s not just a class; it’s a shared journey to master guitar improvisation.

Every month, I hand you exciting assignments, creating an atmosphere where your progress is not just noted but celebrated.

Dive into our supportive community, where you and fellow musicians, along with me, provide valuable feedback, shaping your growth.

Join our monthly live sessions—a chance for me to answer your questions and offer support. It’s a lively exchange, a chance to learn from others. If you miss a live session, no worries. Our complete archive ensures you catch up on every lesson and insight whenever you can.

This isn’t just a membership—it’s your ticket to a rewarding musical journey. Improve your guitar skills, discover your true potential, and let’s start this transformative adventure together at Improviser’s Academy.

Throughout, know you’re learning to improvise—from basic skills to advanced techniques. It’s a step-by-step journey in a supportive, non-judgmental community that grows and thrives together under my guidance with over two decades of teaching experience, with fantastic results and feedback from students worldwide.

Stop me if Any of This Sounds Familiar…

  • You struggle to apply music theory to create expressive solos, leaving you frustrated and feeling directionless in your playing.
  • You constantly watch skilled players Improvise, feeling like you’ll never reach their level, creating a sense of frustration and self-doubt.
  • You repeatedly use the same musical patterns , leaving you uninspired and without a clear path forward.
  • You practice alone without the joy or resources to understand and grow, creating a sense of lack of direction.
  • You find yourself missing a supportive community for guidance and shared experiences, making your musical journey feel isolated and overwhelming.

Thankfully, all of that is behind you…


Together, we’ll explore a myriad of jazz tunes, unraveling the mysteries of basic to advanced chord progressions.
This isn’t just a course; it’s a gateway to a new dimension of musical expression.

Chord Tone Mastery

Dive deep into the art of chord tones and master the foundation of melodic soloing.

Melodic Embellishmens & Enclosures

Transform your solos adding layers of sophistication to your improvisation.

Motive Development

Create resonant motives for your solos. Master the art of crafting musical themes.


Acquire the harmonic and melodic language that will elevate your playing to the next level.

Transcriptions and Secrets of the Masters

Learn how to tastefully break musical conventions and express yourself without boundaries.

Out/In, Alterations

Unravel the complexities of jazz harmony and integrate them seamlessly into your solos.

Creative Freedom & “Rule Bending”

Master tasteful musical rebellion, expressing yourself without boundaries.

Rhythmic Precision, Groove, and Nuance

Elevate your playing with precision and soulful expression into every note.

Right and Left Hand Techniques

Refine your technique and elevate your overall musical expression.

Accompanying & Chord Melody

Discover the secrets of enchanting chord melodies and seamless accompaniment.

Empower your musical journey with structured learning.

The Archive:

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The Forum:

Your place for posting, receiving feedback, and sharing videos and exercises.


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    Q&A With Daniel
  • Access growing archive of past streams
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  • Full length Workbooks (tabs/notation/explanations)
  • Practice Check Lists and Assignments
  • The Community Forum

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  • Monthly Live Online
    Q&A With Daniel
  • Access growing archive of past streams
  • Monthly Lesson
    (20+ min video)
  • Monthly Solo Transcription
  • Full length Workbooks (tabs/notation/explanations)
  • Practice Check Lists and Assignments
  • The Community Forum

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@petecoates6410 ★★★★★

To me Daniel is a straight up genius, at teaching us how to understand music!

@Natan Sachs ★★★★★

Daniel Is the Best guitar teacher I ever had!

@Niv ★★★★★

Daniel has these amazing ideas both melodic and harmonic, and a great teaching attitude. It was totally awesome!

@LiveToPlayGuitar ★★★★★

Daniel is a great teacher!his lesson material is so clear and with a lot of variety. Any guitar player could benefit from these lessons

@Steve McKing ★★★★★

Amazing guitar player and incredible teacher. I can really see my progress every week. Word of advice: Take lessons with him!

@Bernardjones ★★★★★

Daniel! you are a God send! I am really starting to understand how jazz works!